For me, a “perfect moment” is a moment of calm, presence, and connectivity that results in a “nirvana-like” awareness.   It’s a moment that often comes out of nowhere and overwhelms me with an instant clarity of mind. It leaves me with a peaceful truth and understanding about the world around me.  Everything makes sense; It is as it should be.

Others have described this hyper awareness to be a slowing of time or heightened senses. A second seems like a minute. Hearing becomes amplified. Sight is expanded. Goosebumps are common.

Hall of Famer Ted Williams famously explained that whenever he was on a hot streak of hitting (which for him was often) the ball always seemed bigger and slower to him. He could see it better and react faster.  Those times batting were examples of his perfect moments (the others for him would be fishing in the Florida Keys).

Whatever you wish to call it, what I mean by a “perfect moment”, is a moment of feeling completely connected with the universe around you.

This past month I’ve been lucky enough to spend some vacation time up at Lake Arrowhead and in Maui and have encountered a number of these perfect moments.  Included among them were a moment in the late afternoon as sunlight danced on the lake with giggling children playing in the background and the calm of a sunrise in Wailea with a chorus of tropical birds trumpeting the beginning of a new day.

In these moments, everything seemed as it should. I was content in my being and felt very connected to the world around me. It all seemed well…just perfect.

Perfect moments like these are ever so important…especially when the world around us is so hectic and chaotic.  My encouragement to you this month is to think of a perfect moment you’ve experienced and take some time and imagine that moment in your mind’s eye.

Recapture the inner peace that moment once gave you and I think you’ll find that you’ll be refreshed from a revisit to your personal tranquility, recharged, and better equipped to cut through the chaos and deal with the stress.

Keep being amazing!



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