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Kevin Snyder guided us through setting up a very comprehensive trust to replace previous wills and pre-nuptial agreements that we had set up before we were married in Virginia in 2008. In 2019, we moved from Virginia to California which meant we had to update our legal documents.  Our bank manager referred us to Kevin who patiently answered all of our questions and gave detailed explanations to all of our concerns. Kevin has a family-oriented organization that has been very efficient and helpful throughout the entire process. We would gladly recommend Kevin Snyder

Stu and Jan W.

My wife and I reached out to Snyder Law to help us prepare an Estate plan and set up our Family Trust. From start to finish the process took a little over a month, but they really took their time to discuss the plan with us and teach us how everything worked and fit into place and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t be happier with level of service that was provided.
Preston K.

We were referred to Snyder Law by our financial planner. Kevin and Carolyn more than delivered. Kevin is super knowledgeable about estate planning. He thought of things we had never even considered. They made the process so easy and enjoyable which is not easy when you’re planning for the inevitable. We are so happy and blessed to have found Snyder Law and highly recommend them for any estate planning need.

Karen M.

My husband and I went to Snyder Law to build out our trust. Kevin and Carolyn were always very polite and very fast to respond if we had any questions between appointments. We found them to be very organized and listened to what we were looking for. This process was seamless and we would recommend them to our friends and family to use for their estate planning needs.

Casey C.

Kevin and Carolyn Snyder were amazing. At 75, I knew it was important to get a Revocable Living Trust account done but was overwhelmed by how to do that. From the minute I met Kevin and Carolyn, I knew it was going to be a great experience. They felt like family. They walked me through everything and it seemed that we were done in no time. Kevin guided me every step of the way. I feel so much better now that it is done. It was such a great experience, my daughter and her husband had theirs done also.

Kathy L.

Snyder Law does an incredible job of making you feel comfortable with the complicated world of estate planning. Kevin is especially adept at taking those cloudy concepts and making them clear through the whole process. I especially like that they are focused on staying in touch with us through the years via their loyalty plan. I don’t have to worry about hidden lawyer fees, I just pay once a year and I am covered when it comes to any topics regarding protecting my family. I highly recommend Snyder Law!

Peter R.

We had the best experience having our trust documents prepared by Snyder Law. Everyone from Hannah and Carolyn in the front office to Kevin Snyder were top notch. They were professional and courteous and made the process not only easy but actually quite enjoyable.  We’ve worked with other estate lawyers and have never had such a positive experience before. We constantly recommend them to all our family and friends.  Anyone seeking an estate planning law firm should head straight to Snyder Law and skip the others. You won’t be sorry!

Francine J.

When it came time to get serious about estate planning, we had the good fortune of finding Kevin Snyder with Snyder Law. It was obvious from the start that he and his staff take a personal interest in the needs of a client. We were most impressed by his presentation of an understandable outline of the entire process. Not only that, but he and his staff took an affirmative approach to move the process along with an open line of communication. More to the point, our interaction with Kevin and Carolyn was something akin to a chat with a next door neighbor. In our case, the conversation lead to an estate plan that meets our needs beyond expectation.

Tammie A.

My wife and I could not have been happier with the personnel service we received. We were walked through the Family Trust process and felt totally at home with Kevin and his wife. When it was time to sign the documents, my wife had to call to cancel because I found myself in the hospital for several days. Carolyn and Kevin showed up at the hospital for over an hour to finish the process. When we offered to pay extra for this service, they wouldn’t have it. We truly feel that we don’t just have an attorney but rather a friend.

Philip G.

Our family intended to make an estate plan for 35 years, and we finally did it.  The difficult decisions were made easier by the thorough presentations and answers provided by Kevin, Carolyn, and Hannah.  We cannot say enough about the satisfaction — and relief — we now experience, knowing our family and our futures are covered by the best plan possible.  Thank you, Snyder Law, for your wonderful Practice.  We are thrilled to be a part of your “family” of friends.


My wife and I had a great experience with Snyder Law. The process was smooth and thorough, and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Taylor R.

Kevin took as much time as needed to explain the process and doesn’t take any shortcuts. He was thorough with his work and is a kind person to work with. Definitely recommended for your legal estate planning needs.

Jeff M.

Kevin and Carolyn bring a warm and personal touch to their excellence in helping us plan for our estate. We couldn’t recommend them any more highly.

Chris H.

I began working with Snyder Law to help with my estate planning. From my initial meeting to the signing of my documents, the entire office was caring, extremely detailed, and responsive with all communications. Every time I visited, they also had a sign with my name on it, welcoming me. Very nice touch!
They truly care about their clients and take the time to understand your needs. You will feel like family as soon as you walk into their office. I would recommend this office for all of your estate planning needs.

Cesar S

As a very senior senior, I appreciated how clearly my choices were explained to me, sometime more than once. I felt very comfortable in discussing my family’s situation with Kevin Snyder. His wife, Carolyn, was very charming. We had an interesting conversation while we waited for Kevin to get all the final paperwork ready to sign.

Dorothy K.

Snyder Law was a pleasure to work with. I recently completed my living trust and didn’t know exactly what I needed going in. Kevin was very patient and thorough in his explanations of everything. They are super professional but also treat you like family. I was completely comfortable with the entire process and am totally content with the outcome.

Kathleen K.

We just completed our trust documents with Kevin and his team at Snyder Law.  They all made what can be a very sobering and much needed life to do item extremely pleasant and easy.  Kevin has a way of explaining complicated legal issues so that they make sense. His team met all deadlines, communicated clearly and were way beyond professional while still being friendly and caring.  If you want a team you can trust, my husband and I highly recommend Snyder Law.

Deno B.

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Kevin to put together our estate plan. His suggestions made a daunting process that had us at an impasse on more than one occasion, come together. His Associate, Jessica and his Operations Manager, Carolyn were knowledgeable, professional and efficient and made the entire experience better than we could have hoped. More importantly, the care and compassion that Kevin expresses towards his clients is commendable. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend or client to Snyder Law.

Gail H.

We are very glad we selected Snyder Law (after considering many other firms) . Carolyn and Kevin are kind, caring, and professional. Everything was patiently described to us and we are pleased with the results.

Toni K.

We are working with Snyder Law to establish a Family Trust and, throughout the process, the experience has been incredibly professional, supportive, and educational. We feel a sense of comfort and security working with Kevin, which is incredibly valuable when discussing subjects like untimely death and the uncertainties that can surround inheritance. We were also delighted that Carolyn, Kevin’s wife, is part of the practice. Her dedication and thoughtfulness lend a lot of value to the work that Snyder Law executes for us. We couldn’t be happier with the decision to work with them and we’d recommend them to anyone reading this review!
Michael B.

Kevin and his team were very professional and easy to work with. They were also very knowledgeable. I contacted their office to create a specials needs trust for my son. I soon realized how important a family trust is as well. Snyder Law took care of everything!

Stephanie D.

My wife and I want to thank Kevin and his staff for our estate planning needs. Kevin assisted us with creating our living trust and guardianship plan for our children, and now have a piece of mind knowing that our assets and children are protected. Kevin carefully customized our trust and provided great advice to all our questions/concerns. He followed up to ensure we properly funded our trust, otherwise what’s the point of creating a trust if you don’t fund it. We’re so glad to have met Kevin and his staff, his professionalism, expertise, and advice are second to none. I highly recommend Snyder Law.

Jeff W.

Kevin and his wife are super professional and helpful. I created a living trust and had so many questions and concerns but Kevin solved all of it and took time to explain things very detail. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.

Nadia R.

5 Reasons why Snyder Law is the best Trusts & Estates Law Firm in the country!
1. Competence: Kevin and Carolyn are great at what they do and have the skills set and knowledge that enables them to do their job well.
2. Reliability: 100% Dependable and Prepared.
3. Honesty: Straight and Direct. Sincere
4. Integrity: Consistent Strong Moral Principles
5. Respect for others: Understands the true meaning of Family.
Kevin believes passionately in what he does, and never knowingly compromising his standards and values. A true professional, aiming for true excellence.  From my Family to yours…Thank you! I’m truly grateful for Snyder Law for allowing us to “Dream Big” once again.

Emiliano D.

Peace of Mind – that’s the service you will get with this law firm!! They will ALWAYS have your BEST Interest in mind and provide you & your family the BEST legal care & protection. We don’t know why we waited so long but NOW feel so much more rest assured!! Our Will, Trust, & Family Protection Plan are all their hands! BTW: after it’s ALL said and documented, they continue to support and protect you!! That’s the BEST part!! AWESOME Family Firm with amazing warm service!! They put you & your family FIRST!!

Soojie K.

Snyder Law was exceptional at guiding us through the process of updating/amending our Living Trust. Kevin was very patient in answering all our questions. The entire process was well explained and very comprehensive. The materials were well organized and we especially appreciate the option to keep our trust up to date via their loyalty plan. Carolyn and Hannah were extremely professional, very informative, caring and knowledgeable. Kevin, Carolyn and Hannah were always available and helpful.  We highly recommend Snyder Law!

Suzy J.

My wife and I were very impressed with Snyder Law. Kevin helped us set ourselves up on a number of estate planning fronts, all for a reasonable fee. His team follows up regularly to make sure we are doing ok making the necessary arrangements on our side. As usual, using a professional will end up saving you money in the end. Without getting into details, Kevin’s advice easily saved us a LOT of money. This was money well spent, and I look forward to continue working with them going forward. I highly recommend them for your estate planning purposes.

David L.

I had my living trust restated with Snyder Law and I am extremely happy with the results. My initial trust was setup through an online service that while it gave me peace of mind, there was nobody there to go over each section of my estate plan and confirm that it was prepared the way I wanted it. I found holes that needed to be covered and the expert help of Kevin and Carolyn have helped me feel that my “wagon” will be taken care of.

Chris W.

I would personally like to thank Kevin and his team for doing such an outstanding job with my estate plan. Kevin made the whole estate planning process so seamless and straightforward and also easy to update as my situation changes over time. Synder Law truly has done an outstanding job for me, and I want to thank them for making this process so comfortable and easy.

Christine B.

The idea of creating a trust for our family made perfect sense but the reality of it seemed overwhelming until Snyder Law not only walked us through the process but also ensured we made it to the finish line. I appreciated the instruction given, knowledge shared, and extra assistance given to make sure we were well informed.  Not to mention the timeline used by Snyder Law to guarantee we completed the task in an efficient manner. In short, I highly recommend Snyder Law.

Maurissa T.

THIS OFFICE SHOULD GET 6 STARS!! My husband and I just finished our estate planning with Kevin and what an amazing experience!! Kevin, Jessica and Carolyn made this so easy, thorough, and their kind and caring attention to detail was outstanding! We would HIGHLY recommend this office for estate planning!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful legal team helping us through this process.

Laurie E.

I have recently had a new trust done and worked with Snyder Law. They responded immediately to my first request for an appointment and were sincerely positive and encouraging that they could help me with my planning needs. Both Kevin and his wife helped me feel confident in their competency and that the completion of my trust was a priority. Kevin finished the current needs for my trust and explained every step with clarity . I highly recommend this firm.

Ginny L.

Big firm-level expertise paired with boutique customer service and personal touch, Kevin & Carolyn Snyder are the best in the biz!  I personally work in a parallel industry and encounter many similar professionals, and I can confidently share that my wife and I had an impeccable estate planning experience with Snyder Law.  They addressed each and every question thoughtfully and never seemed to “watch the clock” which can be a frustrating experience for many first-time estate planning families.  As the estate planning process is one of the most intimate and personal experiences your family will endure, choosing an attorney of the utmost integrity is paramount.  I highly recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Jason S.

Kevin and Carolyn are a pleasure to work with.  Both are very knowledgeable when it comes to building your trust and having a plan in place to protect my kids. Kevin took the time to listen and does a lot of work to customize your plan.  I am glad that I was able to find such a competent and caring attorney.

Thomas W.

I really enjoyed working with Snyder Law to put together my Young Adult Protection Plan before going off to college.  They made the process really easy for me. Now that I have my emergency plan in place, my parents and I feel so much better and more relieved.  I think that this is something everyone who turns 18 should be doing.

Tommy B.

I contacted Kevin and Carolyn in September and they have guided me through this process very easily.  They were willing to spend as much time with me as I needed, explaining the estate planning process in detail.  I recommend them to anyone looking for this service.

Vicki E.

Could not have asked for a more thorough explanation of all the requirements of estate planning. Kevin & Carolyn were on top of their game. Very friendly, and concise . Thanks to the LAFDCU for directing us to their location. RR

Richard R.

Kevin is very professional as well as patient.  He gave me a clear and throughout explanation on estate planning.  The office staff is extremely friendly.  I feel at home the moment that I walk into the office.  I highly recommend Kevin.

Chung N.

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