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Know the Truth: Trusts Do Not Avoid Probate!

One of the biggest myths and most understood concepts that we come across when we talk to people about estate planning is that a trust will avoid probate. That is only partially true, but it's not the whole story. Trusts by themselves...

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The Secure Act (Part 3): The Big Problem Explained

The SECURE Act has a lot of benefits, but now for the bad news. Under the SECURE Act, younger beneficiaries can no longer “stretch” the IRA they inherit. This was a process by which a beneficiary would take small required minimum...

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Your Fall (and Year-End) Legal Affairs Checklist

With the fall season in full swing and the year-end rapidly approaching, it’s an excellent time to review your legal, financial, and personal affairs. In this video, we share a legal affairs and estate planning checklist to ensure your...

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The Most Common Missing Piece in Your Estate Plan

There are many common estate planning mistakes to be made. We have discussed them at length before (DIY planning, joint tenancy perils, failing to complete trust funding, etc). In this video, I talk about how these mistakes tend to overshadow what I believe to be the...

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