Estate Planning FAQ Videos

The Most Common Missing Piece in Your Estate Plan

  There are many common mistakes when it comes to estate planning. We have discussed them at length before (DIY planning, joint tenancy, failing to complete trust funding, etc). In this video, I talk about how these mistakes tend to...

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Eat an Elephant to Get Big Things Done This Year

Before you get alarmed, the real elephants are safe. But you metaphorical elephants, watch out! I know how to eat you...and I'm willing to share how. What do I mean? Creating "to-do lists" of resolutions and goals is part of...

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Why an Inheritance Needs to Be Appraised

An inheritance can come in many forms. Sometimes it is money, sometimes it is real estate, and sometimes it's in the form of stocks or other appreciable assets.  What is often true, is that beneficiaries rarely have...

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Test Your Estate Plan With a Fire Drill Today

Now that you have an estate plan in place, you should test it by doing a "fire drill." Just like a fire drill at school or work practices how you evacuate a building safely, a fire drill for your estate plan tests the...

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Planning for Frequent Flyer Miles

What happens to my frequent flyer miles when I die? This is a common question that we hear from clients when we are assisting them with their estate planning. Frequent Flyer miles and other reward points can be valuable...

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