Naming Guardians for Your Kids

Are your kids really protected?

Planning Now to Protect their Future

7 must do's for naming guardians

Your kids are what’s most important to you. You’re life revolves around them. When it comes down to it though, do you really know how to protect them? We can help you make sure that they’ll be taken care of by people you can trust if you’re no longer here. You simply must plan now to ensure their future is protected.

That’s why we created this free e-book, The 7 Must-Dos When Naming Guardians for Your Kids. To help you in making the best decisions possible for you and your family’s future. It all starts with making the right decisions for who will care for your kids when you cannot and ensuring their future, even a future without you in it, is protected.

Who Will Take Care of Them If You No Longer Can?

While financial stability is important for your children, making sure they are raised by who you want and how you want is your primary concern. The peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens your children will be loved and cared for by those that share your values and who will respect and protect your family wealth is priceless.

“Family wealth” simply means your legacy or the things that make your family your family. Most estate plans are only able to transfer your financial wealth to the next generation. We believe your financial wealth is only about a quarter of your overall “Family Wealth” which is made up of your far more valuable, Intellectual, Spiritual and Human assets – who you are and what’s important to you.

However, choosing the person or persons who can fill this role is not always easy. Relationships and family dynamics can be complicated. And how can you plan for the numerous contingencies life may present? Oftentimes all these questions and uncertainties lead to inaction. We have seen it time and time again – guardians aren’t legally named because we have trouble choosing.

Do not wait any longer! Read our guide for helpful tips on how you can name guardians today. It’s written by our estate planning attorney, who is also a father of three, with you in mind. Breakthrough the indecision and achieve the peace of mind that your family is ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


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