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Estate Planning Checklist

An estate plan does more than protect your assets. A California estate plan means your family and friends won’t have to guess at your wishes. A review of your estate plan and your estate planning documents, wills, and trusts can safeguard your assets and provide for your care, should you no longer be able to handle your own affairs.

Here’s a brief Estate Planning Checklist to consider:

  • Do you have Emergency Cards to keep in your wallet to give emergency responders 24/7 access your healthcare agents and medical directives so that your wishes are followed?
  • Does your estate plan name both Permanent and Temporary Guardians for you minor children and include a Family Protection Plan with Family Emergency Cards to ensure they are never at risk of being put in child protective services if something happens to you?
  • Does your current estate plan protect you and your assets from expensive long-term care costs?
  • Are you certain that your current estate plan will minimize possible federal and state estate taxes at your death, including taxes on your house, life insurance and IRAs?
  • Does your current plan protect your children’s inheritance from a divorcing spouse?
These are just a few of the questions a thoughtful and complete estate plan should cover. Use the form on this page to receive the full estate planning checklist from an expert estate planning attorney or call us today at (949) 333-3702.
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