With the tempest that has been swirling around us this year, it’s natural to feel a sense of unease, anxiety, and even downright panic. These are natural human reactions and emotions. Indeed, it is part of the human condition and in our makeup to have an internal panic button. Some of us are more inclined to quickly push that button than others. However, at times we all can feel stretched beyond our limits and reach a breaking point. The key is to train ourselves to not push our panic button even in that moment.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. In our digital age which champions accessibility and a 24/7 cycle of news media, we are getting overwhelmed with information and inputs. Our brains are being bombarded daily, hourly, if not by the second, to the level of overload. We can see in others and feel in ourselves the rise of anxiety forming like a wave in a stormy sea.

Now is not the time to panic. Whatever you do not hit your panic button!  It’s useless. No alarm will sound. No cavalry will show up to save you or change your circumstances. Quite the opposite actually.  You will likely only be worked into more of a frenzy which will be an invitation to only more and bigger problems.  

So what can be done to prevent our anxiety from spinning out of control into a fever pitch of panic? Toughening it out, swallowing hard, and ignoring feelings never works. Instead, it’s more helpful to find a healthy outlet. An emotional exhaust if you will. Some examples include exercise, painting, laughing, singing and dancing, meditation, or simply having a good cry. Indeed, the late great Winston Churchill was prone to shedding tears as he led his country through one of the most stressful periods in history.  

Keep in mind that whatever method or activity works best as an outlet will be different for everyone. Nonetheless, the common denominator among them is that they generate a catharsis to release anxiety and stress and leave you feeling more relaxed and calm. With calmness comes clarity, with clarity comes solutions, and with solutions comes peace.

Toss out your panic button. You don’t need it

Keep being amazing!

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