Dear Mom and Dad,

Did you know that May is National Elder Law Awareness Month?

I know, I shouldn’t need a special month to appreciate you as my elders. I love and appreciate you every day (although I probably should tell you more often). However, this month has caused me to take pause and reflect a bit on where you are in your lives.

Remember all those times growing up when I was being a pain and you would declare (as many parents so often do) that I wouldn’t get it until someday I was a parent and had children of my own? Well, I am here to say you were right.  I get it now.

Now that I am older and have a family of my own, I understand better what it means to love another in a manner beyond measure. All the sacrifices you made for me over the years to ensure I had the best upbringing and the most opportunities to succeed are revealing themselves to me more and more. I cannot thank you enough.

In turn, my gratitude has left me feeling a lot more responsible for your well-being. So, consider this directive some well-deserved payback for taking care of me all these years.

Do me a favor and continue to talk to me about your health and finances.  I know you weren’t raised that way, but at this stage in the game it will only help you to be open with me. And it may sound morbid, but let me know what your wants and wishes are after you die or in the event you get sick and your mental functioning becomes impaired. That will save a lot of headache, heartache, and possibly fighting with my siblings over what’s best for you.

Better yet, meet with an estate planning attorney experienced in elder law and veterans benefits (thank you for your service, Dad).  Then hold a family meeting with all of us so we know what to do and why.  Let us help you the way you’ve always helped us.

Love always,

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Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Kevin SnyderKevin Snyder is a husband, father, and an Orange County estate planning attorney and elder law attorney. He is all about family and has a passion for educating his community. He enjoys helping people protect what matters most and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

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