Family Estate Planning on the Holiday

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on everything you are grateful for and to spend time with family and friends. Every family has its traditions, whether it’s gathering for a big turkey dinner, volunteering at a local shelter or heading out to a football game. No matter what your traditions are, take some time to enjoy those special moments with your loved ones. And as you spend time together, take the opportunity to pass on important values and have discussions about the future.

Pass on Values

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what’s most important to you, such as having a loving family, a stable job and an overall wonderful life. Gratitude is a lesson we all have to learn, so take a few moments to talk to your children about how they can show thanks for the things in their life. You might also value honesty, helping others and hard work. These are all things you can share with your children as you spend quality time together on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter how young or old your children are, everyone can benefit from these life lessons.

Keep Communication Open

In addition to passing on important values, this can be a good time to have an honest and open conversation about family estate planningIt might seem like a depressing topic, but as you and your family prepare for a new year together, it’s important that they know your wishes and you know theirs. Open communication will help avoid unnecessary stress and keep your family out of court and conflict in a time of need. It can be difficult to get the family together once your children are grown and have families and careers of their own. Everyone is already together for the holidays, which makes it an ideal time to start the conversation about estate planning.

Having a family estate planning meeting can be a great way to ensure everyone knows what is going on. Let your loved ones know that you have something serious to discuss with them and set up a time for you to sit around the table together and talk. Have a list of topics you want to cover so you don’t forget anything. You don’t have to share specific financial numbers during the meeting, just give your family an idea of what you’re thinking and encourage them to ask questions.

Remember that there may be some anxiety due to talking about issues concerning mortality or as a result of certain family dynamics. That is natural and okay. Handle these discussions in the manner you feel most comfortable and that best suits your family; you know them best. However, the key is always clarity through communication, whether in an open group or more discretely on an individual level.

Get Help with Your Estate Planning

At Snyder Law, P.C., we believe that everyone should love much, dream big, and plan well. If you are ready to begin planning the future of your estate, give us a call. We understand that every family is different. Regardless of your background or life circumstances, we are here to help. We build relationships with our clients in order to best understand their needs, values, and dreams. We will work closely with you to prepare a thoughtful estate plan that protects and preserves what matters most: your family, your assets, and your legacy.  For more information about estate planning and how you can achieve the peace of mind you deserve, contact us today. 

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