In speaking with a friend whose mother had recently died, he shared with me a beautiful story about a quite unexpected gift his mother had left for him and his brother.  He was so moved by it that it brought him to tears.  He explained that when he contacted the local funeral home, he learned that his mother had planned her entire memorial service.  The only thing she overlooked was the color of the floral arrangements. The relief for my friend and his brother was tremendous. They could avoid the stress of planning an event and instead focus on grieving and celebrating her life. They also didn’t need to worry if their decisions on how to arrange the service was honoring their mother’s true wishes. Mom had taken care of it all in her death just like she took care of them during life.

If you’ve ever settled a loved one’s affairs after death, you know it can be difficult to plan a funeral or memorial service. Family and friends want to honor the person who has died, but they may not agree on what’s best. The grief and stress of loss can make decisions even more challenging. Taking the time now to document your wishes for a funeral or other memorial service can both ensure that you get the kind of services you want and provide tremendous relief for your loved ones.  Thoughtfully planning ahead of time like my friend’s mother will be your gift to them.  Your family and loved ones will always remember the love and compassion you demonstrating in doing so. It will be part of your legacy.

Watch this brief video to hear my friend’s story and learn more about the benefits of planning your funeral or memorial service.  If you have more questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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