I often get asked this question by clients or their adult children when a spouse or family member needs assistance with activities of daily living and requires extra care. This could be in the form of adult day care, in-home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing. None of these are covered by Medicare and all can be expensive. Oftentimes a home is the largest remaining asset and is the only other means for the client or their family to pay for additional long-term care and a Reverse Mortgage can be a great tool to access these funds. But will access to a Reverse Mortgage prevent opportunities to qualify for Medi-Cal subsidies or disqualify someone who is already receiving Medi-Cal? Using Medi-Cal subsidies is an often overlooked strategy that can stretch out the life of the Reverse Mortgage proceeds and provide for more flexibility in care and lifestyle. But it all depends on how you handle the Reverse Mortgage. Watch to learn more.

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