I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Miranda McCroskey on “Lawpreneur Radio,” which is an inspirational podcast supporting the needs of the lawyer come entrepreneur. (scroll down to listen to the interview) Practicing in the same criminal courts in Orange County, I have known of Miranda for years, but never actually met her. When I first began thinking about starting my own practice, I caught wind of her podcast and started listening. We have since met and have become fast friends. What a force of positive energy and action! She is always brimming with ideas about how to better her practice and improve her business. Her entrepreneurial spirit and verve shines through her podcast to the great benefit of her listeners. I credit much of my ability to quickly surround myself with top-notch resources and mentors as a result of listening to her podcast.

The assembly of relevant service providers from web designers to business coaches to merchant service vendors was comprehensive and allowed for an easy one-stop shopping and vetting process to help me put my best foot forward. When you are starting a business, next to capital, time is your most valuable commodity. To be presented with quality resources in such abundance and in an easily consumable format (I just listened whenever I was in my car), allowed be to efficiently sort through them and identify the best fits for me. The time savings was huge and allowed me to advance my business plan much faster than anticipated. I cannot recommend “Lawpreneur Radio” enough. I still listen to it to this day because one can never stop learning in business, in law, or in life.

In the interview I explain my journey to opening the doors to my practice, Snyder Law, and the reasons why I want to empower families to plan to protect their loved ones and secure a future for them to thrive and why I am still committed to maintaining a criminal and juvenile defense practice. In everything I do in life I try to follow the Jesuit credo instilled in me at an early age of being a man for others. Whether I am assisting clients getting their financial house in order and designing a thoughtful estate plan for their family or helping someone or their loved out of a precarious situation in court and earn a second chance, my vision is to enhance the lives of my community by providing a valued service in a way few others can. I work tirelessly so that my clients can rest easy knowing they are represented by an attorney who cares and is one of the very best.

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