We cannot stress enough that our community is our top priority. We remain open (just remotely) and we are here for you, your family, and friends as we all navigate through this pandemic crisis.

This is a rapidly evolving situation. Just in the past day there has been so much change at national, state, and county levels. That’s why we are committed to being a hub of information.

We understand you may feel bombarded with information about coronavirus and COVID-19 and the last thing we want to do is add to that noise.  However, since the situation is so fluid and rapidly changing there is a lot of misinformation and in some cases outright fraud.  We want to make sure you are getting information that is verified, helpful, and can keep you safe. As we often say, “knowledge is power.” In addition, access to good information can be reassuring and calming in an otherwise stormy climate. We certainly feel that way.

Here are the latest updates:

1️⃣Orange County to Stop Non-Essential Gatherings –  Yesterday the Orange County Health Agency issued an order calling for non-essential gatherings to stop with some exceptions. There will be an amendment to this that will be released today as there was some confusion in its wording as well as the legal consequences for ignoring the order.  To be clear the spirit of the order is to slow the spread of COVID-19; to discourage public and private gatherings of any number of people and encourage these gatherings be postponed or held remotely without coming into close contact. This is similar but more restrictive than what is being messaged at the national level.

➤ For more information visit OCHA website   or  Call 1-800-564-8448

2️⃣Orange County Health Care Agency Recommendations and Alerts:  This is what our local health care officer is messaging:

  • There is now laboratory evidence of community transmission in Orange County, indicating that COVID-19 is spreading in the community.
  • People aged 65 and older should stay home and away from other people.
  • People with a serious underlying health condition that can put you at increased risk, for example, a condition that impairs your lung or heart function or weakens your immune system, should stay home and away from other people.
  • All residents should practice good health hygiene which includes washing your hands, staying home if you are sick, avoiding close contact with people who are sick and covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your sleeve (not hands).

For more health updates:

➤  OCHA website  or  Call 1-800-564-8448

➤ California Department of Health

➤ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

➤ World Health Organization (WHO)
3️⃣IRS Extends Ability to Pay Taxes But Keeps April 15th Filing Deadline:  While the IRS has issued 90-day extensions for payments of any taxes due, the deadline to file tax returns or extension requests remains April 15th.  There has been a lot of misinformation about this in media coverage. To be clear: returns and extensions must be filed by April 15th or they will be late!

4️⃣CA State Tax Filing and Payment Deadline Both Extended: The Franchise Tax Board extended both the deadline to file tax returns and the deadline to pay taxes owed until June 15, including estimated taxes. That deadline may also be further extended and we will keep you posted.

5️⃣Expanded State Aid for Disability Benefits and Family Paid Leave: The normal waiting periods for disability benefits have been lifted and those that may be sick, quarantined, or caregiving for a sick family member may be eligible for disability benefits or benefits under the paid family leave act.  For more information visit the EDD website here.

6️⃣ Expanded Unemployment Benefits: If an employer has reduced hours or shut down operations, employees can file for unemployment benefits. Parents who cannot work or had to reduce their hours in order to be at home with school-aged children due to school closures may also qualify for benefits. For more information visit the EDD website here.

7️⃣ Options for Employers Experiencing a Slowdown: If the slowdown in business or services is a result of the coronavirus impact on the economy, there are some options here:

➤ UI Work Sharing Program with the EDD allows employers to retain trained employees by reducing their hours and wages that can be partially offset with unemployment benefits. For more information visit the EDD website here.

➤ Employers can also apply for a 60-day extension from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit state payroll taxes without penalty or interest.For more information visit the EDD website here.

➤ The SBA is offering small to medium sized businesses various loan options to weather the storm. Learn more or apply for SBA loan here.
8️⃣ More information for Employers as to Best Practices:  The CDC has guidance for businesses and employers that is sound, practical, and can help keep employers and employees safe.  For more information visit the CDC business response website here.

You and your family will continue to be in our thoughts. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have questions. We are here for you and are always happy to help.

All of our best,

Kevin, Carolyn, and Hannah

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