The Baby Boomer generation is growing older and beginning to incur the financial costs and strains of aging. Many are caring for their own elderly parents while beginning to recognize long-term care challenges of their own.

Boomers are also starting to learn first-hand that long-term care is expensive, and the resources they may have been counting on to cover costs (including private insurance or Medicare) typically don’t pay. This situation leaves many searching for alternative legal and financial options, which is where a qualified Orange County elder law attorney can become a tremendous resource to a family in need.

A trip to see a lawyer specializing in elder care in Orange County might originally stem from a desire to do some estate planning, such as the creation of a will or trust for example, but the elder law attorney will be able to explain how there are a lot of other concerns that need to be approached at this particular juncture in life. Whether that means safeguarding assets from the reach of a nursing home, or creating designation documents so that family members can legally assist an older parent with their financial or medical affairs, an elder law attorney’s job is to help ensure that the physical care and financial needs of the senior are met for the remainder of his or her life.

In order to find the right lawyer for your family, we recommend that you look for a qualified attorney in your area whose practice specifically focuses on:

  • Planning for Public Benefits– Not all estate planning attorneys are well-versed in securing public benefits that can help pay for care, including Medi-Cal and Veteran’s Aid and Attendance. Complex legal planning may be needed in order to qualify, so be sure to work with someone who has experience in this area.
  • Social Security – For many seniors, this is the main source of livelihood after retirement, and you want an elder lawyer who understands how to maximize it.
  • Long-Term Planning – Your elder law attorney should be committed to helping your loved one secure the best care possible, in the least restrictive environment possible, in the most financially expedient way possible.

As mentioned before, estate planning is also an aspect of elder law that deserves considerable attention. An Orange County elder law attorney should be able to help you create legal documents that assist families with the management of long-term care needs, such as Power of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives, and trusts.

Finally, an elder law attorney will be able to offer advice, and possibly even recommendations for where to turn for other types of professionals. The attorney can offer input when it comes to things like insurance and tax planning, but he or she may recommend you get further assistance from colleagues when it’s appropriate.

All together, these professionals can form the senior’s own personal team. They can advocate when necessary, and most importantly—they can help plan ahead so that there are as few bumps in the road as possible.

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Kevin Snyder is a husband, father, and an Orange County estate planning attorney and elder law attorney at Snyder Law, PC in Irvine, California. He’s all about family and passionate about estate planning, elder law, and veterans. He founded Snyder Law to help families from Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Southern California plan to protect what matters most: their loved ones, their dignity, and their legacy.

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