Estate Planning and Elder Law Seminar

We’d like to personally invite you to a free informative and interactive workshop on estate planning where we will go over how to protect your loved ones and leave a legacy….in three easy steps!

Lunch will be provided & parking is complimentary.

Space is limited!

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We will be covering a number of important topics like…..

  • How to achieve your estate planning goals while maximizing tax savings and creditor protection

  • How to create a plan to protect your minor children from going to foster care but instead stay in the care of those you now, trust, and want

  • How traditional “bare bones” estate planning focuses primarily on passing on wealth outright with no conditions or safeguards

  • How not properly naming decision-makers and overlooking your incapacitation planning can be very costly for your estate and family. 

  • How to protect aging parents and other senior relatives and help them receive care where they want (and need) and still afford it.  

  • How to make sure that the family is not torn apart by fights over possessions and money

  • How to protect yourself and family during a remarriage, from possible ex-spouses, and creditors. 

  • How to protect yourself and family after the death of a spouse

  • How to keep your assets within the original family unit and avoid an inadvertent disinheritance 

  • How to deal with passing on family heirlooms

  • How to protect your senior family members and pay for long-term care costs 

  • And so much more…

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you at our next workshop!